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The Firearms Blog – Montenegrin TARA TM-9 Pistol Now Available in the USA

The Firearms Blob also known as the TFB is an online blog that covers the latest firearm, hunting, military and defense news. TFB is owned by the Outdoor Hub, LLC (d/b/a Carbon Media Group). TFB publishes news about consumer and military firearms.

The author Hrachya focuses on the firearms industry, and has a military background.  On February 17, 2021 Hrachya posted a blog post on TFB in the Daily News, Pistols, Semi Auto section titled Montenegrin TARA TM-9 Pistol Now Available in the USA. The pistol is manufactured by TARA Aerospace AD an aviation manufacturing company having the capability of building precision devices, making the TARA TM-9 Pistol one of the best built guns.

Some of the author’s quotes; “The TARA TM-9 is a striker-fired polymer-framed handgun” , “the tight barrel-to-side lockup is advertised to make the gun extremely accurate”, “allowing for fast follow-up shots”.  The blog covers recent upgrades to the gun making it easier to handle and safer, including the 17-round magazine and ambidextrous magazine release button. The high quality materials and precession manufacturing guarantees the gun for 50,000 rounds on all main parts. The author was most impressed with “the patented trigger mechanism called DASR (Double Action Shot Release). This feature makes the gun safer and easier to fire. As a bonus the pistol comes with three 17 round magazines.

You will be excited to shoot the TARA RM-9 after reading the article, just have to be lucky enough to find some 9mm ammo.

TARA Tactical USA is the authorized distributor of the TARA  TM-9 Pistol manufactured by TARA Aerospace AD. TARA Tactical USA  is an experienced distributor in the firearms industry. We are proud to represent TARA innovative pistols.



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