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Teya Freeman from GBGuns Depot reviews the Tara TM-9X Shoot – Teya’s Review of the Tara TM-9X

Teya Freeman is an Army veteran who continues to serve, by contributing her expert knowledge to the firearms community, and proud mom. Teya is very active on social media where you can follow her on Instagram that has hundreds of posts and followers.

Teya is beginning her career reviewing guns with veteran Graham Baates on GBGuns Depot,  who has reviewed over 260 guns. Teya’s offers a refreshing  look at the TM-9X in her blog post – – Teya’s Review of the Tara TM-9X.

In the opening paragraph it is nice to read  about the candid approach to reviewing a pistol to determine if it would be the weapon of choice for your conceal carry option, after having the unique opportunity to have shot over thirty different firearms with a multitude of ammunition. Teya calls the TM-9X handsome and like Graham describes the gun in great detail, certainly she has gained a good grip on firearm terminology, suggesting in the second paragraph the gun would be the right option for any training course. According to Teya the TM-9X is engineered to perfection; comfortable, easy to acquire target and most important safe with it’s, “loaded chamber indicator”. In conclusion Teya would recommend the TM-9X to any shooter, especially for anyone look for an affordable firearm.


TARA Tactical USA is the authorized distributor of the TARA TM-9 Pistol manufactured by TARA Aerospace AD. TARA Tactical USA is an experienced distributor in the firearms industry. We are proud to represent TARA innovative pistols.


Teya Freemans – Teya’s Review of the Tara TM-9X

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