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Jeremy S. – The Truth About Guns (TTAG’s) – YouTube version Video Gun Review: TARA Aerospace TM-9X & Rumble version Video Gun Review: TARA Aerospace TM-9X

Jeremy S. is an Deputy Editor publishing 1069 posts with over 4500 comments on The Truth About Guns (TTAG’s), who reviews guns based on their technical merits, and design and he himself sells firearm accessories on co-owned e-commerce site Black Collar Arms. He has produced over 400 videos with over 55 thousand subscribers and over 21 million views on his YouTube channel Jeremy S. Guns & Gear – Not only is he prolific video producer, but can be found on social media Instagram – with 159 posts and 255 followers and following 76. He is a devoted family man, who for the most part keeps his personal and professional business separate.

As a lifelong gun enthusiast and now serial entrepreneur you can trust his reviews based on the the reputation he has earned. Jeremy’s has emerged from the Covid-19 pandemic with as much enthusiasm as ever before as can be seen in the YouTube video Video Gun Review: TARA Aerospace TM-9X & Rumble version Video Gun Review: TARA Aerospace TM-9X. Jeremy mentions several times during the video the origination of the TM-9 is from Montenegro and produced by TARA Aerospace AD, which is a lot more than a firearm manufacture. The TM-9X is a modern duty sized gun with a 17 round capacity. Some of it’s features include it being striker fired, polymer frame, “similar in vein to the Glock 17 in foot print and frame material, side material and the fact that it’s striker fired, but the TM-9X has something very unique with it’s trigger system Double Action Rapid Engagement (DARE) system. The  gun doesn’t offer a competition trigger system, but instead is geared toward self defense or duty use.  On the range Double Action and and Single Action firing are demonstrated where it is noted the gun is very crisp, offering very flat shooting, due to low bore axis and fine tuned spring. Additionally it was noted that tracking the front sight on every shot, which is very impressive, “literally see the front site entire time, awesome.”

Sweet shooting gun! Very impressed, Fantastic Shooter, Jeremy liked the idea of having the ability of double action, which is a good capability to have for a carry or self defense pistol.

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TARA Tactical USA is the authorized distributor of the TARA TM-9 Pistol manufactured by TARA Aerospace AD. TARA Tactical USA is an experienced distributor in the firearms industry. We are proud to represent TARA innovative pistols.


Jeremy S. – The Truth About Gungs (TTAG’s) – Video Gun Review: TARA Aerospace TM-9X

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