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Graham Baates & Teya Freeman  from GBGuns Depot detailed video review – Tara TM-9X Dealer Informational (Standard Resolution)

Graham Baates is Army veteran who continues to serve, by contributing his expert knowledge to the gun community. Graham is active on Instagram with thousands of posts and followers, YouTube on the Graham Baates Channel with 90K+ subscribers with over 30,000,000 views and Facebook has a social network of over 5,000 likes and followers.

Teya Freeman is also an Army veteran who continues to serve, by contributing her expert knowledge to the firearms community, and proud mom. Teya is very active on social media where you can follow her on Instagram  that has hundreds of posts and followers.

In the YouTube video “Tara TM-9X Dealer Informational (Standard Resolution)” – Graham and Teya  give the most detailed to date look at the updated TARA TM-9. They describe the pistol in great detail. They begin by describing the patented trigger which is unique to TARA, which is capable of firing the first shot as a double action followed by single action shots. A closer look what the customer gets in the nice locking zipper case, which includes; 3 17 round magazines, color user manual/operator manual (photographs, “where people want to see them, something uncommon in the gun world” and illustrations where they are ideal and of course the TARA TM-9X).

Features & Design of the TARA TM-9X. The ambidextrous magazine release – truly ambidextrous can be used from either side, which can be released by the trigger  or middle finger. The finish is steely gray. In great detail demonstrate that the font serrations aid in checking the chamber is clear and mention that the tab on extractor pops-out when loaded so it provides a tactical way of knowing gun is loaded beyond the visual checking, which is a safety feature of this firearm. Show that the gun has plenty of rail space upfront, which is very important to attach many accessories available; lights lasers, including the fact that there is nice space between rail spot and trigger guard, to accommodate accessories. Textured panels serve as a memory point for finger straight when not firing, also doubles as a friction point for support hand to keep a good hold of gun when shooting. Texturing on front trigger guard for those that like to wrap their support finger around. Raised bottom trigger guard, spot for support hand to sit-up high. Ergonomics of gun are so that you can keep your hands-up high, which creates a low bore axis, recoil with your arm, makes for a flat shooter. Texture on the frond and back strap is 3 dimensional which has a good aggressive bite to it allowing for a good hold, helps to reduce the gun climbing on you during recoil, additionally the side texture is there but not aggressive. The relieve cut on bottom of handle, allows one to dig out magazine, should it become stuck. Truly a pistol for all sizes, thinning of frame setting reach of length of pull for both large and small hands, because gun provides 3 sizes of interchangeable back-straps, gun sits low. Standard 3 dot sights. Impression is the gun is clean sleek looking with generous undercuts, overall a very versatile gun.

To complete the review of the pistol it was taken to the target range and tested for accuracy. The gun was loaded with basic bulk ammo 150 grain ball with a target distance of 7 yards. The first shot started with a double action pull followed by single action shots.  The pistol is very accurate – “not to shabby.” The same accuracy was demonstrated with a smaller shooter, showing off the flexibility of the gun.

Interesting looking gun not so well known outside NATO has many things going for it setting it apart from the competition in many ways; “affordable, single action double action, very accurate, very little recoiling, easy to shoot pistol.”
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TARA Tactical USA is the authorized distributor of the TARA TM-9 Pistol manufactured by TARA Aerospace AD. TARA Tactical USA is an experienced distributor in the firearms industry. We are proud to represent TARA innovative pistols.


Watch YouTube Video Tara TM-9X Dealer Informational (Standard Resolution)

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