Tara Tactical TM-9

If you are looking for a quality firearm that resembles a Glock, consider the Tara Tactical TM-9. This is a semi-automatic pistol that uses cutting-edge technology to deliver precision and durability. It meets some of the strictest safety requirements of the industry and upholds the highest quality standards.

Evaluating the Tara Tactical TM-9

The TM-9 is a 9mm handgun that shares a visual similarity to the Glock but has a much different trigger feel and pull. Unlike other polymer/striker guns, this firearm features a double-action/single-action trigger mechanism. Generally, this type of mechanism is usually found on hammer-fired semiautos or revolvers, making this an unusual but beneficial feature of the TM-9.

The firearm is expertly crafted with angled serrations on the front and rear of the slide. It handles well with an ambidextrous magazine release. With the metal magazine, there is a quick drop and an effortless slide-in. This gun has a very particular geometry and a low bore axis that makes it easy to grip and point.

Firing the Tara TM-9

The trigger mechanism adds some weight to the pull and fire, especially for those who are accustomed to using single-action triggers. It is a different experience when working with the DA\SA striker, but it doesn’t take long to adjust. It performs solidly with accuracy and speed, and there is a low recoil impulse and muzzle flip. With the DA/SA system, a fail-to-fire can be handled much differently than a standard single-action striker. Letting off the trigger and re-engaging can cycle through the round in question rather than having to manipulate the slide.

The Practicality of the TM-9

Those who want to develop a purposeful action with each pull should consider the TM-9. The firing action can create good trigger control and fundamentals. The quality and price point make it an exceptional value for what it offers. Purchase yours from Tara Tactical today.

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