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Tara TM-9X Pistol – Weapons Endorsement / Product Review

Don Mann is a decorated  former Navy SEAL, motivational speaker and author of 20 books.  Frequently Don endorses products he stands behind. To learn more about Don please visit his website

NY Times Best Selling Author: The Modern Day Gunslinger, “The Ultimate Handgun Training Manual”
Tactics and Weapons Trainer
In my opinion, the Tara TM-9 ml pistol meets and exceeds all of my criteria when choosing a defensive pistol. It is an outstanding general-purpose defensive weapon.
The TARA Shoots tight groups, even under rapid fire effortlessly and I did not have any malfunctions during my range sessions. The patented DA/SA trigger system (DARE double action rapid engagement) is easy to get used to and highly functional.
A. When selecting a defensive pistol, the weapon should have the following characteristics:

• Reliable
• Accurate
• Lightweight
• Durable
• High Capacity in relation to its size

B. Ideally, the weapon should also be:

• Suitable for home and self-defense
• If used for self-defense, weapon should be able to be effectively worn in a concealed manner.
• Slide serration should be adequate to provide good purchase and comfort for extended range shooting.
• Affordable, The Gen 3 pistols have an MSRP of $529.00 and will be available in the USA by late December 2020.

There are 3 generations of the TM-9 now available. Only the latest Generation is being sold
in the USA.

• 9mm Luger (Para)
• 17+1 shot capacity
• Solidly built
• Recoil-absorbing Polymer lightweight frame features an accessory rail
• Striker-fired, which provides consistent trigger control
• Slim grip
• A wide magazine well for seamless reloads
• Ambidextrous magazine release
• Stippling for finger shooting finger rest
• Stippling under trigger guard and indent for shooting hand comfort
• Picatinny rail
• The pistol comes with three steel 17-round magazines
• Slide and barrel are machined from stainless steel blocks which undergo a special process for corrosion-resistance and surface hardening.
• Sights made of steel, 3-dot format, which are easy to track even under recoil
• Overall length of 187mm (7.36 in.)
• Overall height of 139mm (5.47 in.)
• Barrel length is 113mm (4.44 in.)
• Low bore axis of 22mm (.866″)
• Overall thickness is 30mm (1.18″)
• Weight (empty) 750 grams (26.4 ounces) unloaded – a relatively lightweight pistol


• The Tara has its own unique DARE (Double Action Rapid Engagement) trigger system.
• The trigger has a good reset travel which moves from 10 mm travel to 3 mm on a reset giving the 2nd shot a short break.
• It is striker-fired and the DARE System resets the firing-pin after a 3mm release of the trigger which allows for rapid precision taps after the first round fired is fired in Double Action.
• After a misfire there is no need to rack the slide, a second striker action can be initiated by simply pulling the trigger again.
• The DAO trigger pull weight is 2.8 kilograms (about 6 lbs 3 oz).
• The trigger mechanism of this pistol doesn’t require to pull the trigger to start the disassembly process.
• The smooth and even true double action trigger has just enough resistance to ensure safety but not too much to interfere with a well-aimed shot.
• The patented trigger system is one of a kind and provides for both an accurate and a safe pistol.
• There is no pre-tension on the striker when it is at rest and a misfire frim being dropped or jarred is a mechanical impossibility.


• The combination of the internal safeties and lack of pre-tension on the striker explains why it is not necessary to have any external levers to prevent the firing-pin from penetrating the breach-face unless the trigger is pulled.
• The TM-9 is similar to other striker fired pistols, however it does differ in the following ways:
• DARE trigger system, The Tara’s striker-firing trigger system, the “Double Action Rapid Engagement or DARE” is a true double-action-only (DAO) trigger with a very short and light reset.
• It has a far better bore axis height, (22mm (.866″) and grip design which allows the weapon to sit lower on the web of the hand for optimum recoil control.
• The grip angle also is such that it points straight for most shooters, unlike many other pistols which tend to point slightly upward
• The slide and barrel are machined out of solid bars of stainless steel and protected with a special anti-corrosion surface treatment.
• Uses a Browning short barrel recoiling action with a lifting barrel lockup.
• There is no need to pull the trigger to disassemble it which helps to prevent accidental discharges during cleaning procedures.
• If a round fails to ignite after a trigger press, you can press the trigger again without having to rack the slide.
• The magazines are thinner
• The pistol can be adjusted to an individual shooter’s hand by changing the grip size. The pistol comes with 3 different back-straps which, can be mounted by using the built-in armorer’s tool. They are available in the sizes Small, Medium and Large and in a variety of colors.
• The extractor also works as a loaded chamber indicator.
• This pistol also comes with a pin punch stored inside the grip cavity.
• It is much more affordable than comparable pistols of the same quality and accuracy.

F. Lineage:

Produced by the Tara Group in Montenegro, a former Yugoslavian state with a long and well-established weapons industry and the origin of some of the finest Eastern bloc firearms ever made.

TARA Tactical USA is the authorized distributor of the TARA  TM-9 Pistol manufactured by TARA Aerospace AD. TARA Tactical USA  is an experienced distributor in the firearms industry. We are proud to represent TARA innovative pistols.


Don Mann Weapon Endorsement of The Tara TM-9X Pistol

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